Software Developer

Employer name: Aries App, Inc

Employment address: 800 Bellevue Way N, Suite 500, Bellevue, WA 98004

Job title: Software Developer
Education requirement: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related fields

Job duties:
1. Design and develop new apps
- Collect, review and analyze user’s needs and market trends then develop and design mobile applications and its features.
- Estimate the work efforts at varied levels and entail in design evaluation, determining the architectures, lay-out and style controls.

2. Maintain and improve existing apps
- Maintain existing software systems that mainly involves around fixing existing imperfections of the system and to constantly improve the performance of the software.
- Develop new features or upgrade interface based on feedback gathers from users and the technical support team that will broaden the company’s product offering and solve more problems for the customers.

3. Provide technical support and debug
- Provide technical support to our mobile app users with respect to our proprietary software products.
- Plan and conduct the analysis, inspection, design, test, and/or integration to assure the quality for our products.
- Recreate software problems, diagnose and isolate their probable cause and develop appropriate solutions.

Please mail your resume to: Aries App, Inc., 800 Bellevue Way N, Suite 500, Bellevue, WA 98004